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'Home Alone' Didn't Shoot Inside Iconic House ... Despite Video From Realtors

The iconic "Home Alone" house is up for sale, but it's coming along with a bit of controversy -- 'cause despite realtors' claims, TMZ has learned the movie wasn't shot inside.

Julio Macat -- cinematographer for the 1990 Christmas classic -- tells TMZ ... exterior shots for the movie were filmed at the home now on the market, but they never actually shot scenes inside the home.

Instead, we're told the film was shot at the then-defunct New Trier Township High School in Chicago on massive sets.

While this may seem a small distinction, the realtors selling the house are obviously using the movie as a major selling point -- including posting a video to social media implying scenes like the iconic stairs sledding moment were actually shot in the house. Check out the clip ... it seems to make some pretty big claims.

That said, the outside still looks exactly like it did in the flick ... and, in many ways, it is the "Home Alone" house -- despite perhaps not to the extent many may think. BTW ... people online seem confused, with some also noting the movie wasn't actually shot inside while others are asking if they still have props from the film at the home.

The 5-bedroom, 6-bathroom home in Winnetka, Illinois is listed for $5.25 million ... and comes complete with an indoor sports court and a gorgeous patio area.

Kathryn Moor and Dawn McKenna of Coldwell Banker Realty hold the listing ... we've reached out to them for clarification on the video.

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