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Paris Hilton Baby Car Seat Setup Catches Flak Over Safety Concerns

Paris Hilton is being called out by people who noticed she's got her babies' car seats facing the wrong direction ... and it seems she realized it, 'cause she took down the evidence.

The hotel heiress uploaded footage of her kids to TikTok Tuesday -- showing her son Phoenix and daughter London strapped into their car seats while all dressed up for a Mother's Day outing ... but there was one big problem with the way everything was configured.

Take a look for yourself and you'll immediately see there's something wrong -- namely, the fact that Phoenix and London were facing forward ... when their car seats should be flipped.

Several fans also called out Paris for using a latch and a belt at the same time ... another safety issue that people felt was a parenting blunder and just a big no-no in general.

Some fans did come to Paris' defense -- pointing out that her kids were being transported in a van of some sorts, which may not have needed to follow standard car seat safety protocol. It's unclear if that logic really tracks though ... these rules/laws are clear across the board.

Anyway, the criticism obviously got to PH ... as she's since deleted the video from her TikTok feed. Paris did, however, keep up 2 other videos from her Mother's Day celebration ... so she was trying to keep some of the good memories from the holiday around on her feed.

We've reached out to Paris ... her team had no comment.

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