Whoopi Goldberg Misses Good Old Days of 'The View' ... It's Kinda Gone Woke!!!

Whoopi Goldberg says "The View" ain't what it used to be -- explaining audiences are ready to jump on hosts for any little comment they make ... regardless of intention.

The EGOT winner -- who joined the show way back in 2007 -- opened up about hosting during a sit-down with Chris Wallace on his interview show ... and, he asked her if she liked moderating the program.

Goldberg says she liked "The View" more before 'cause audiences cut the hosts slack and didn't immediately jump to the conclusion they wanted to make nasty, horrible comments.

Whoopi explains there used to be more debate in its heyday -- a free exchange of ideas on the hosts' opinions without so much finger-pointing. Now, she feels people are more into playing the "Gotcha" game ... nitpicking the language rather than what the host means.

WG says she feels like she's always hedging her comments rather than saying how she really feels ... 'cause she's not trying to piss people off.

Wallace then asks her if she has any particular grievances she wants to air -- and, Whoopi jokes it wouldn't do any good to say how she really feels.

'View' hosts are known for courting controversy these days ... recently piping up on everything from Donald Trump's candidacy to calling the song "Jolene" anti-feminist -- they're not afraid to say what they feel. Still, it feels like Whoopi's saying ... "The View" has gone woke.

Feels like there's a bit of irony in this sentiment ... but we'll leave that convo for Twitter.

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