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Quavo Video Shows Sparse Concert Crowd ... Sparks Chris Brown Conspiracies

Quavo's recent concert's getting attention online ... 'cause the crowd looks pretty small compared to the venue -- and, tons of people are convinced it's Chris Brown's doing.

Video from Quavo's concert in Bridgeport, Connecticut is floating around social media ... seemingly showing a damn-near empty venue looking more like a gig for a small-time artist than a former member of Migos.

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The crowd in the pit's pressed up close to the stage ... with people in back of the clot no more than 10 or 15 rows removed from the artist.

It's a pretty bizarre scene, ya gotta say and Quavo handles it with grace ... putting on a pretty spectacular show for the lackluster audience. But, the tiny crowd has people online theorizing Chris Brown may have pulled one over on Q.

Folks online are pushing the conspiracy theory Brown bought a ton of the tickets for the show so Quavo would perform to a pretty much empty concert hall -- basically as a way to embarrass his nemesis.

If Chris Brown really bought out all the front row seats at Quavo’s concert so that it’ll flop, thats next level petty…😂😂😭

— D (@mrmotivated87) April 28, 2024

Admittedly, it's a bit far-fetched ... Chris would've spent a small fortune on Quavo's show -- handing over cash to someone he hates. Stranger things have happened, we suppose.

Remember ... Quavo took the most recent shot in the duo's rap beef -- blasting CB in his song "Over Hoes & Bitches" with a bit of posthumous help from his nephew, Takeoff.

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CB didn't respond to the track ... instead putting out an unrelated song with Skylar Blatt -- with no references to the beef because they recorded the track last year.

In any case, Chris has fans' minds racing ... whether he really clowned Quavo or not.

We've reached out to Quavo's team about the show ... so far, no word back.

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