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Jeezy Wants Custody of Daughter Monaco Claims Jeannie Ain't Around

Jeezy is now asking for primary custody of his and Jeannie Mai's young daughter amid their divorce ... claiming Jeannie isn't even taking care of their kid herself.

The rapper just filed new legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- asking a judge to toss out the current custody and parenting time arrangement he hashed out in mediation with his estranged wife ... and requesting that his daughter be allowed to live with him full-time.

Jeezy says he initially agreed to move to the basement amid their breakup. However, he says Jeannie later moved out of their family home, and took their little girl with her.

Jeezy alleges Jeannie has since tasked her brother and mother with the majority of the care of 2-year-old Monaco, claiming Jeannie's extensive travel schedule isn't good for their kid and adding that Jeannie has withheld his parenting time with their child for nearly 2 months.

In the docs, Jeezy says the child would have more stability if he had primary physical custody ... and that's what he's now asking a judge to enforce.

This development comes almost 4 months after Jeannie hit back at Jeezy for claiming she was gatekeeping Monaco from him. At the time, Jeannie said she had accommodated all of Jeezy's visitation requests -- including time over the holidays.

She did cite safety as a concern the last time around ... alleging Jeezy had unsecured firearms in his home before, which Jeezy insists is not the case.  He says Monaco is never left unmonitored and that his firearms are always secured and safely away from the child.

The custody issue seems to be one of several hot-button topics for the former flames amid their contentious divorce. Remember, Jeannie previously suggested Jeezy might've been unfaithful during their marriage.

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