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Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan are hanging out in public again -- the first time, in fact, since we revealed they'd taken a break amid a rough patch ... and boy, that was fast!

The couple was spotted together at Trias Flowers & Gifts in Miami on Wednesday -- AKA, Valentine's Day -- confirming our earlier report that they are very much on amicable, talking terms while figuring things out romantically. As it turns out, they're still seeing each other too.

The duo was photographed waiting in line at the flower shop ... and eyewitnesses tell us they appeared to leave the store with a huge vase and bouquet of 1-2 dozen roses.

From the looks of it, they're putting in the work to get their relationship back on track, and quite quickly ... seems V-Day's giving them the perfect opportunity to do exactly that.

BTW, Marcus and Larsa were also seen going to her pad in Miami on Wednesday -- so they were out and about together ... and weren't really hiding it either. On its face, it seems to suggest that their "break" might be coming to an end ... or at least nearing that anyway.

Again, they were at the florist ... and also at her house. Ya gotta figure they'll be spending the evening together as well.

We broke the story ... MJ and LP pressed pause in their relationship and were figuring out how to move forward romantically while remaining on good terms -- but they appear to have figured out some things in short order.

Our sources told us their split wasn't caused by one specific thing. Instead, they've just hit a difficult patch in their relationship.

But the fact that they're still communicating and going out to get flowers is a promising sign that things are bloomin' back into place.

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It's almost like they never even broke up in the first place.

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