Univ. of Wisconsin Law Students Told ... 'No Exceptional White People'

First-year law students at the University of Wisconsin were reportedly forced to attend a "re-orientation" that was all about race ... and, apparently, how white people are the worst.

According to the Federalist -- which cites sources who say they were in attendance, not to mention screengrabs of the alleged session/materials -- this went down last week ... and the DEI-inspired crash course on race and privilege was mandatory for a bunch of scholars.

As part of the orientation, students were reportedly asked to complete a worksheet with a number of bizarre prompts -- including one that encouraged the students to "Tell the Truth" and expand, in writing, "how deep racism goes in my life" among other confessionals.

The NY Post even claims that some of the literature they were asked to read up on before this re-orientation contained a line that said "there are no exceptional white people."

Other topics like color blindness were slammed as inherently racist -- and one of the alleged exercises students were encouraged to partake in was to share racial slurs for different minority groups ... all in an effort, it seems, to break down stereotypes and tropes.

Long story short, it sounds like this session was pretty much all about race -- and the question being asked, of course, is ... what the heck does this have to do with law???

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The UoW hasn't addressed the orientation just yet ... but it rubbed some the wrong way.

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