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Jake Browning Girlfriend's Clothing Designer Rollin' In Business ... After Bodysuit Goes Viral

The designer who created the bodysuit that Jake Browning's girlfriend made famous at a Bengals game this past weekend says business has been boomin' since the 'fit went viral ... telling TMZ Sports she's now "overwhelmed" by requests!!

Stephanie Niles rocked the hell outta the all-white look while she cheered on her man at Paycor Stadium on Sunday ... and so many were obsessed with it, Taylor Damron of Elle and B Creative says she now has people beating down her door to get similar pieces made for them.

Hola Stephanie Niles (novia de Jake Browning), adios Taylor Swift 👋

— Sportainment (@oyeyulai) January 9, 2024

The designer -- who actually happens to be Niles' cousin -- says sales for the one-piece have been non-stop since the cameras spotted Niles in it.

"We never thought it would blow up like this," Damron said. "I'm overwhelmed with requests for similar bodysuits."

Damron -- who ended up making three Bengals bodysuits exclusively for Niles -- said the high demand is mostly coming from female gamegoers who want a similar look. She also said socialites have been hitting her up too.

Damron says the pieces take about an hour each to make ... and she's hoping one day Taylor Swift might be a customer.

"I would faint making one of Taylor," Damron said. "Maybe I'll slide in her DMs."

BTW, if you're interested in getting in line for one, Damron tells us she'll be dropping some more Bengals versions on her Instagram page this weekend.

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