Marines vs. Civilians War Breaks Out In Texas ... Wild Video Shows

Uniformed Marines battled civilians during a heated conflict in Texas -- and the wild scene was caught on video.

Sunday night's chaos was filmed by witnesses outside Austin's Voodoo Room, where the brawl erupted after a woman allegedly tried to snatch a cell phone from a Marine.

Check out the clip ... Marines, in full dress uniform, confront the woman and some other men on the street.

The two sides start arguing and shoving each other until one guy clocks a Marine in the head, causing all hell to break loose.

Several Marines go after the guy, punching him in the face and knocking him to the ground.

The soldiers jump on top of him and get in a few more licks before the police arrive and break up the fight.

We’re not sure if anyone was arrested or seriously injured so we’ve reached out to the Austin PD for answers. So far, no word back.

Keep the war on the battlefield next time!!!

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