Kim Kardashian Son Saint Flips Off Paps Again ... Mom Plays Parental Defense

Kim Kardashian's oldest son is carving out his role in his famous family -- he's the one who's gonna let the paparazzi know they're number one in his book, and he's got just the finger to show 'em!!!

7-year-old Saint was caught yet again flipping the bird to photogs in WeHo ... this as his mom brought him and his buddies to a restaurant after a Friday basketball practice. As they're exiting their vehicle, Saint throws up a quick middle finger to someone across the way.


Kim, of course, isn't too pleased about it ... and quickly swats his hand down, to Saint's amusement. Sounds like one of the paps who was snapping away also got a laugh out of it.

Remember, he did this last month ... and there, too, KK chastised him.

FWIW ... Saint's annoyance with the media is shared by his older sister, North, 'cause she's also been seen telling them to buzz off in emphatic terms.

You could say both kids got it from their daddy, who's had a knack for chewing out paps over the years. Kim, on the other hand, seems to know the attention comes with being rich and famous.

Perhaps the little ones will eventually adopt her approach. Or not!

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