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Kardashians, Logan Paul Doctor Behind Bars For NBA Fraud Scheme ... Worked With Tons of Celebs

The chiropractor to a ton of Hollywood stars -- ranging from the Kardashians to Logan Paul and Kevin Hart -- won't be providing services any time soon ... cuz he's now behind bars.

Dr. Patrick Khaziran is famous for appearing on "The Kardashians" and working with huge names like Jamie Foxx and Diddy ... but he got busted for his role in a fraud scheme with former NBA players and is now locked up at USP Lompoc in California.


Known as "Dr. Pat" to the Kardashians, he's featured on the latest episode of the famous family's Hulu series ... getting high praise from Khloe, who is trying to sell him as the answer to Scott Disick's lingering back problems from a 2022 car accident.

In the episode, Scott and Khloe pay Dr. Pat a visit at his chiropractic office in Los Angeles ... which prosecutors claimed was at the center of a scheme to defraud the NBA's health plan out of millions.

The feds say Dr. Pat created fraudulent invoices former NBA players used to bill the league's healthcare plan for medical services that were never actually provided.

The FBI says Dr. Pat was part of the fraud scheme from at least 2016 to 2019 ... during which the feds say he cost the NBA health plan $1.3 million in losses, pocketing $439K for himself and splitting the rest of the dough with former NBA players.

Dr. Pat, who is also a favorite of current NBA players Tristan Thompson and Justise Winslow, was ultimately convicted ... and in February he was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

No word if the inmates watch "The Kardashians" where Dr. Pat's locked up.

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