Tory Lanez New Mug Shot Released Transferred to State Prison

Tory Lanez is settling into his new life behind bars, getting transferred to state prison and posing for a new mug shot ... one where he looks none too pleased.

We just obtained the pic, Tory's hair looks messy and he's certainly not smiling ... sporting a scowl on his face. As for where he'll be housed, Tory checked in Tuesday at North Kern State Prison in Delano, California ... about 145 miles from Los Angeles.

As we reported, Tory was sentenced to 10 years behind bars last month for negligent discharge of a firearm, assault with a semiautomatic firearm, and carrying a loaded and unregistered firearm.

Tory can find plenty to do in order to stay busy while he's locked up, we're told the prison offers a bunch of different jobs with wages ranging from $.08 an hour for unskilled labor, and up to $.30 an hour for skilled labor ... but he's gotta apply for those gigs.

It was July 2020 when Tory shot Megan the Stallion in the foot after a verbal fight inside an SUV spilled out onto the sidewalk in Hollywood. Tory has maintained his innocence, but clearly, the jury felt otherwise.

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