Kim Kardashian Kanye's New Wife Draws Style Inspo for Latest Look

It seems Bianca Censori isn't just inspired by Kim Kardashian's taste in men, she's a big fan of Kim's style too ... channeling a classic Kim K look for her latest public appearance.

Censori was out and about in Italy Thursday in a very SKIMS-esque outfit complete with a nude bra, leggings and pair of heels.

While we can't say for sure whether or not the brand Bianca's wearing is actually Kim's SKIMS company ... it looks super similar.

Of course, the style has only grown in popularity over the years, so it's possible she scooped it from somewhere else.

However, it's hard not to draw a comparison between a look Kim's shown off in the past and what Bianca chose to wear in Italy.

Kim posed for a few mirror pics in an identical style and color during a personal photo shoot at home, so maybe Bianca had the look archived to try and pull off on her own.

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