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Carlee Russell Boyfriend Says She Was Kidnapped ... Fought for Her Life

Carlee Russell's boyfriend is explicitly stating what most everyone has assumed about her disappearance -- declaring definitively that she was, indeed, kidnapped.

Thomar Simmons made the claim in a Facebook post Sunday, in which he both thanked supporters for their ongoing prayers and offered more insight into what he says happened to his significant other since she vanished Thursday in Hoover, Alabama ... this after pulling over on the I-459 highway on the heels of her reporting seeing a lone child walking at night.

He writes, "All I asked from everyone right now is to be respectful of Carlee’s situation. She was literally fighting for her life for 48 hours, so until she’s physically & mentally stable again she is not able to give any updates or whereabouts on her kidnapper at this very moment."

Simmons adds, "I also want to thank the people on social media who has been understanding & respectful about what she’s been through in these past few days. Once again I can’t thank you guys enough for helping us bring Carlee home! God bless you all."

Carlee's mother echoed similar sentiments, saying they were overjoyed to have Carlee back -- and that they would provide more details to the media in due time. Interestingly, Carlee's mom also had this to say ... "Just as we made a commitment to not entertain negative thoughts during the time our daughter was missing, we surely will not entertain negative thoughts/statements, unvalidated opinions, or sheer ignorance at such a joyous time."

What she may be referring to is the fact that people are already jumping to conclusions and floating conspiracy theories about this case ... as some feel like info doesn't line up.

For example, the police's statement about how exactly Carlee came to be found -- in which they said they got a call that she had shown up to her residence on foot -- fails to mention the fact that dispatchers in the Hoover-Vestavia Hills area were talking about Carlee possibly being at a nearby motel well beforehand ... a convo captured around 6:53 PM CT.

As you can hear ... the dispatchers describe a caller saying Carlee's family had reached out to say they had gotten a call from Carlee herself -- who apparently told them she was at the Red Roof Inn along the Montgomery Highway ... only about 5 miles north from where she disappeared. The wording's a little confusing, but it seems the caller was a Red Roof worker.

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The first responders also say the front desk staff said they had no one checked in under Carlee's name. It also sounds like Carlee's family was itching to get to the Red Roof Inn to see if she was actually there. It's unclear if they did or not, but cops certainly responded ... as heard in the audio, where somebody gets on the radio to say units have arrived.

Bottom line ... there are still a number of unanswered questions, but it's clear her family/loved ones are leaning toward the notion that she was abducted by a still-to-be-discovered culprit.

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