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Priscilla Presley Settles Dispute Over Lisa Marie's Trust ... Gets Millions From Estate

Priscilla Presley is no longer beefing with her granddaughter Riley Keough ... they just settled their dispute over Lisa Marie's trust, and we're told Priscilla's walking away with fatter pockets.

Priscilla and Riley's legal teams were in court Tuesday, where they reached a settlement over who controls Lisa's trust, which reportedly includes the Graceland mansion and a stake in the lucrative Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Sources connected tell TMZ ... Lisa Marie's estate paid an undisclosed sum of money to Priscilla to settle the dispute. Our sources say it's in the millions.

TMZ broke the story ... a trust battle broke out in the wake of Lisa Marie's death back in January, with her mom Priscilla challenging an amendment to Lisa Marie's trust, which eliminated both Priscilla and Lisa's former business manager, Barry Siegel, as trustees and left Riley as the sole trustee.

Priscilla questioned the validity of the amendment. She claimed it was never delivered to her, the document misspelled her name, the date on the document was suspicious, and Lisa Marie's signature appeared "inconsistent with her usual and customary signature."

There was a ton of money on the line ... and now it looks like Priscilla's getting a chunk of change.

Priscilla's attorney announced the settlement outside the courtroom after the hearing, saying ... "The families are happy. Everybody is happy and excited for the future."

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