Austin Butler, Vanessa Hudgens Exes Together At Oscars After-Party


1:19 PM PT -- New video from Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler's brief encounter is giving some more context into what went down -- and it's lookin' more awkward than we thought, because they appear to be ignoring one another.


You can see Austin and Sharon Stone head toward the valet together, as fans are screaming for the "Elvis" star ... movin' right past Vanessa as she looks down at her phone. You can see her later try to get by as Austin stops for the crowd -- making her dodge him and keep on walking.


Gotta be an uncomfortable trek to the car for Vanessa, as fans are screaming for her ex.

Talk about an awkward run-in ... Austin Butler and his ex Vanessa Hudgens were an arms-length away from each other after the Oscars -- after he snapped pics with his new boo Kaia Gerber.

Vanessa and Austin were standing together at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts Sunday night in Bev Hills ... with Austin giving a wave to the camera as Vanessa's head stayed low.

The 2 were hanging out near the valet -- unclear if they chatted it up. Sharon Stone was waiting for her ride next to them, but no entanglements there!

Vanessa wasn't at the bash with her fiancé Cole Tucker ... Austin, of course, was at the event with Kaia.

As you know, Austin & Vanessa pulled the plug on their 8+ years of dating back in 2020 ... but some drama surfaced after he told The Hollywood Reporter a friend pushed him into playing Elvis when they heard him singing one of The King's songs.

The problem? It wasn't just a "friend" -- it was Vanessa ... and fans quickly picked up on it when his recollection was almost identical to one she told back in 2019. He later did another interview where he confirmed it was indeed her, even crediting her for a lot of his success.

Originally Published: 07:37 AM PT

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