T.I. I Got No Beef With Boosie Badazz ... He Knows He Misspoke

T.I. says the recent beef between him and Boosie Badazz over a scrapped project is no more ... telling us Boosie knows he messed up by dragging his fellow rapper over snitching claims.

We got T.I. leaving The Cheesecake Factory in Bev Hills Thursday, and he starts our convo by laughing off the drama ... before telling us straight up "someone misspoke" -- that someone being Boosie.

He says Boosie's aware what he said wasn't accurate, and it'll be dealt with behind closed doors ... as Tip puts it, "The way it should've been in the first place."

He also tells us why he isn't focused on getting the music out there -- mainly, this stuff is bigger than a handful of tracks.

As we reported, T.I. clapped back at Boosie last month after he said he ditched their collab project, believing T.I. snitched on his late cousin to avoid a gun charge.

Tip wasn't having any of it -- accusing the rapper of not being truthful and claiming to have docs that proved he never snitched.

BTW -- we ask T.I. if he's got any words for the young rappers tryin' to make it in the game ... and he gives us a pretty good reason why whatever he says won't be good enough.

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