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Bam Margera Can't Believe Wife's Publicly Bashing Me ... Eases Sting at Strip Club

Bam Margera says he's disappointed his estranged wife and her attorney are bashing him in the media ... but he insists he's been supporting his son, and hopes to one day share his side of the story.

It appears Bam and Nikki Boyd's legal separation is already getting nasty ... with Bam going online to respond to her recent allegations of what led to her filing for the split.

Bam posted a photo of Nikki, Phoenix and himself in happier times, and captioned it ... "I am very disappointed about what Nikki and her lawyer have said about me publicly as a father. I love my son more than anything in this world. I have in fact been supporting my son. No one knows my side of the story which makes me sad. But hopefully one day they will. "

TMZ broke the story ... Nikki pulled the trigger on filing for legal separation last week, with her attorney David Glass telling us the decision was a direct result of Bam spending time with their son while she believed him to be under the influence.

Bam's been responding online -- albeit to total strangers -- claiming the separation is all Nikki's fault. In one comment he says, "I bought her a car in Petaluma and gave her 10 grand in ones, she still couldn't just say thanks Bam. She drove me to drink two weeks ago. I am better now."

As we reported, some people close to Bam, like Steve-O, are extremely concerned about his substance abuse -- but he's telling folks he's sober, and plans to stay on the wagon. He also says he's waiting for attorneys to give him the green light to tell his side of the story.

A couple days after Nikki filed for legal separation, Bam went to Las Vegas, making an appearance last weekend at Day of the Dead Horror Con.

His time in Sin City wasn't just a convention stop, though ... he also hit up Larry Flynt's Hustler Club, where he was holding court in a VIP section.

The 'Jackass' star posed for a ton of pics with strippers, and appeared to be having one helluva time.

Everyone copes with family drama in their own way.

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