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Avril Lavigne Hugging It Out with Tyga ... After Dinner at NOBU

Avril Lavigne and Tyga have been getting really comfortable around each other ... evidenced in new pics after they shared a meal at one of L.A.'s most famous celeb hot spots.

Tyga, Avril and a few others grabbed dinner at NOBU Sunday night, where we're told they seemed to be hitting it off. The two hugged it out after dinner in the parking lot, as if to say goodbye, but then left together in the same car.

We've spoken to sources close to both Avril and Tyga who say they've been hanging out together a lot lately ... though it's unclear if things are at all romantic.

It's well known Avril and Mod Sun got engaged in March 2022 while in Paris ... the two dated for about a year before he proposed.

Mod's new album "God Save The Teen" features several songs dedicated to Avril, including one titled "Avril's Song" with the lyrics, "She blew me a kiss, And I didn't wanna blow my brains out anymore. And she is everything I'm not. Without her, I am lost."

It doesn't appear Mod was at the NOBU dinner on Sunday, but the two attended a pre-Grammy party together earlier this month.

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