Lauren Sanchez Details Bezos Relationship ... Yes, We ARE Tied at the Hip

Lauren Sanchez is opening up about her relationship with Jeff Bezos for the first time -- and based in her own words, here's the story ... of a lovely lady.

The former newscaster dished a lot of details about their life together to the Wall Street Journal Saturday -- and, indeed, she refers to her dynamic with JB as 'Brady Bunch'-esque. Namely, she's got 3 kids of her own, he's got 4 ... and they're very much a blended family.

Meet Lauren Sánchez, one half of one of the most philanthropic couples in the world. “Living with Jeff [Bezos] is like having a master class every day.”

— The Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) February 18, 2023

Of her home life with Jeff, she says ... "On a typical Saturday, we hang out, we have dinner with the kids, which is always fun because you never know where the conversation is going to go with this many kids. We are the Brady Bunch." On Sunday, Jeff makes pancakes.

A couple other notable takeaways here ... she says she met Jeff piloting helicopters, and that their romance blossomed from there. Lauren also says she helped Jeff overcome a fear of flying, following a chopper crash in 2003. Now, he's getting his own pilot's license.

Also of note ... Lauren just recently started a production company -- Adventure & Fellowship -- that actually produces a lot of Blue Origin's original videos ... and she's aiming to break out into docs and scripted content as well, separate from any Bezos-related company.

On top of this, Lauren is also going to be one of the passengers in an all-female mission into space on one of Blue Origin's rockets in 2024 -- and says she's super excited about it.

Last but not least ... Lauren gave more details about Jeff -- noting he's incredibly funny and very dedicated to his workouts. She also says they do just about everything together nowadays ... which we kinda already knew. She also says he gives her a lot of business/boss pointers -- including how to handle meetings (aka, let everyone else talk first).

She says of their partnership ... "Living with Jeff is like having a master class every day. What he’s really taught me a lot about is management." Lauren also talks about how she's had to rein in her natural inclination to overshare now that she's in the spotlight 24/7.

Their joint charitable efforts are also discussed in the profile, and there too ... they're in lockstep when it comes to how best their money will be put to use -- for climate change and other causes they care about. Sounds like Lauren is in the weeds on all of it.

Based on how she's dishing here, we wouldn't be surprised if these two get hitched. They truly seem to be a match made in heaven -- and it's clear she's head over heels for the guy ... and he for her.

Solid insight into one of the biggest power couples in Hollywood ... well worth a read.

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