Michael Irvin Judge Orders Hotel To Turn Over Video In Alleged Misconduct Case

Michael Irvin just scored a win in court ... a judge has ordered that an Arizona hotel now must turn over any video it has of an interaction the Hall of Famer had with a woman that ultimately led to his removal from NFL Network's Super Bowl coverage last week.

Irvin's attorney Levi McCathern had requested the footage from the Phoenix Marriott in a motion filed on Thursday morning, believing it will help exonerate the NFL legend, who had been accused of wrongdoing while he was in Arizona to report on SB LVII for the league's TV station.

On Thursday afternoon, a judge granted the motion ... saying the clips must be sent to Irvin by Feb. 20.

The judge also ordered that the hotel must provide the name of Irvin's accuser ... as well as anyone else who may have filed a complaint against the former football player. In the order, the judge also ruled the hotel must reveal the names of the NFL employees who received the complaints.

In the motion, Irvin's attorney made it clear he believes all of it will help show the ex-Dallas Cowboys wide receiver did nothing wrong when he interacted with a female hotel worker on Feb. 5.

According to the docs, Irvin only met the woman after she had called him over in the hotel lobby to introduce herself ... and "eyewitnesses described the interaction as 'jovial' and completely harmless." Irvin's attorney wrote in the motion that the interaction lasted less than a minute, and Michael then went to his room alone and fell asleep.

Irvin was pulled from the NFLN's SB LVII coverage on Feb. 7 after they had apparently received complaints from the woman over the meetup.

Irvin eventually sued Marriott and his accuser, ID'ed only as Jane Doe, for defamation ... claiming he had done nothing wrong.

Neither Marriott nor NFL officials have said publicly what the allegations against Irvin actually are.

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