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Popeyes Meme Kid I'm A College Football Player!!! ... Wants Nil Deal

Remember the TerRio look-alike who went viral for giving the side-eye at Popeyes??? That kid from the famous meme is now a college football player -- and we're all officially old.

TMZ Sports has confirmed ... Lake Erie College freshman offensive lineman Dieunerst Collin is, in fact, the little kid in the yellow shirt who became internet famous on now-defunct social media platform Vine back in the day.

As it turns out, the 6'1", 330-pounder went on to be a successful athlete since becoming a meme ... and won a state championship with East Orange Campus high school in New Jersey in 2021.

But Collin isn't shying away from his past -- in fact, he wants the fried chicken chain to hook him up with a Name, Image and Likeness deal!!

"@popeyes I JUST WANNA TALK BUISNESS," Collin said on social media this weekend.

According to Collin's bio on the team site, he's currently studying sports management and comedian studies ... and hopes to become a sports analyst.

Someone from Popeyes better pick up the phone and call Collin ASAP.

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