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Damar Hamlin Asked Nurse Who Won Bills Game ... Doctors Reveal

Damar Hamlin's making incredible strides as he fights for his life in a Cincinnati hospital ... and nothing proves the point more than a question the Bills safety asked his nurse last night -- who won the game?

Hamlin's physicians, Dr. Knight and Dr. Pritts, from UC Health Medical Center in Cincinnati, virtually met with the media on Thursday and fielded questions about the health status of their famous patient.

The doctors revealed 24-year-old Hamlin was conscious Wednesday evening, and while he wasn't able to talk (he's still hooked up to a breathing machine), Damar, using pen, paper, and a clipboard, asked who won the Bills vs. Bengals game.


"You won. You won at the game of life," his healthcare team told Damar.

Of course, Hamlin wasn't aware the game was postponed.

As far as his current condition, the doctors say Hamlin's made "significant progress," saying they believe he's "neurologically intact."

There was fear Damar could've sustained a serious brain injury from lack of oxygen.

Knight and Pritts were also asked about Hamlin's long-term prognosis.

The doctors said it's too early to say if he could recover enough to ever play football again, but added the goal is to get him back to his pre-Monday Night Football condition.

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