Drake Lyrics Surface From Teen Years ... Found in Dumpster!!!

Drake's one of the biggest things to ever happen in music -- which makes it all the more surprising some of his lyrics from his early days allegedly ended up in the trash -- and are now up for sale.

That's right, Drake fans with serious passion and some serious cash can own a piece of Drizzy history for $20K according to the good folks over at Moments In Time.

A rep for the MIT auction house tells us Drake was working in his uncle's Memphis furniture factory as a youth and the lyrics were found in the dumpster when the factory eventually closed down. Now, they'll be posted for sale.

You can see the greatness brewing in Drake's alleged bars, even though the lyrics weren't fully realized just yet. The pages read like poems, with lines like, "Plates/passed around for collection/Raising money for cheap cell phones with no reception."

Young Drizzy also supposedly penned a song called "Come Spring" which OG fans will recognize eventually evolved into "Come Winter" from his pre-fame debut mixtape "Room For Improvement."

He apparently was a "Certified Lover Boy" even back then, too. Someone by the name of Syliva has her Toronto-based phone number that appears on one of the pages, likely waiting for him when he returned to The 6ix.

Practice makes perfect and naturally, Drake evolved into quite the dominant artist ... ranking #3 globally for most streams in 2022, partially due to the pair of No. 1 albums he dropped this year!!!

Call it motivation for artists to never give up — even if the lyrics suck. They can always write new ones!!!

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