Gisele Bündchen Moving Into New House ... Gets Hand From Joaquim Valente Associate

Gisele Bündchen has begun the process of becoming Tom Brady's new next-door neighbor ... and if you look closely enough, you can see she's actually getting a hand with the move from an associate of the jiu-jitsu coach who vacationed with her earlier this month.

TB12's ex was spotted Monday outside the $11.5M Miami Beach home -- which is located just across the creek from where Brady is building a house -- directing traffic and handing off appliances.

Gisele pointed at different parts of the property with famed designer Constanza Collarte ... and, at one point, got some help with a toaster oven from none other than what appears to be a pal of Joaquim Valente.

The man -- donning a blue Valente Brothers jiu-jitsu T-shirt -- seemed to be chummy with the former supermodel, before leaving the premises with the kitchen item.


Of course, this is now the second time Gisele has been seen with Valente or associates of Valente outside of the gym in November ... you'll recall, she took a trip with the fighting instructor to Costa Rica just a few days ago.

Sources close to Bündchen have insisted they're just friends -- and Valente tagged along on the vacay merely to help coach her and her kids in the off time.

We're told Tom hasn't exactly bought it all, though -- and we're sure seeing Valente's friends help with his ex-wife's move isn't exactly assuaging that opinion.


The good news for the Bucs QB? At least he'll be able to keep an eye on it all from his windows -- that is, if he wants.

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