Aaron Carter Died Without A Will

Aaron Carter died without a will ... so now the State of California will decide who inherits his estate.

Family sources tell TMZ ... Aaron was advised by his attorney to make a will, especially because he had a child who depended on him.

We're told with all the drama between Aaron and his fiancée Melanie ... the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services got involved and had 11-month-old Prince removed from their home. He's been living with Melanie's mom since September.

Aaron's lawyer still advised Aaron to make a will, but as you know circumstances tragically changed ... Aaron died a week ago.

Turns out Prince will not be left in the cold. In California, and most states for that matter, when a single person dies without a will and leaves a child behind, the child inherits the parent's estate.

Here's the rub ... we're told Aaron was not in a good place financially when he died. One source close to Aaron told us he was living hand-to-mouth and would typically spend what he earned in short order. His house, however, was on the market so the child may have security in any equity the sale brings.

TMZ broke the story, Aaron was found dead last week in his bathtub. The cause of death has not been determined pending toxicology results, which could take months.

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