Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen D-Day ... Divorce to Be Filed Today

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have reached a settlement ending their marriage, and divorce documents will be formally filed today ... sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ.

Our sources say lawyers for both Gisele and Tom have been working with a mediator to hammer out both property settlement and custody, and we're told they have come to terms.

Our sources say the divorce document will be short ... the terms of the settlement will remain confidential and sealed.

The divorce document, we're told, will be filed in Florida. As we reported, the embattled couple's attorneys have been working on this split since early September.

Since then, Gisele's been spending most of her time in the Miami area, where she's been visiting a spiritual healer. Tom, meanwhile, is struggling through a tough season on the field with his Buccaneers.

In fact, today's divorce filing comes right after Tom's team lost a close game in the 4th quarter on Thursday Night Football. It's the first time he's lost 3 consecutive games since 2002. When it rains ...

Story developing ...

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