'Try Guys' Ned Fulmer 'Working Things Out,' Says Wife ... Amid Cheating Scandal

'Try Guys' star Ned Fulmer has his next project ... he and his wife, Ariel, say they're trying to keep their relationship afloat on the heels of Ned admitting he cheated.

Ned and Ariel were out together Wednesday in L.A. and they were all smiles as they walked to their car. Notably, they weren't holding hands -- but Ariel said their relationship might not be a lost cause after everything that went down.

She told a photographer they're "working on working things out" between them. Hey, it's a start.

As we reported, pics surfaced of Ned kissing one of the 'Try Guys' producers ... and after he admitted having a "consensual workplace relationship," he was fired from the popular YouTube show.

On a personal level ... Ned and Ariel were still wearing their wedding rings earlier this week, and doing their regular family activities, like taking their kids to school.

One more thing to note -- they're riding together in their Tesla in this video. Earlier in the day, we'd seen them in separate cars. Baby steps.

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