Plane Freak Out Chemical Engineer Fired ... After Drunk & Homophobic Rant on Plane


2:10 PM PT -- We've learned the former GSK employee's name in the video is Zachary Easterly.

In one of the dumbest moves we've seen made by a person freaking out as they were kicked off a plane, a chemical engineer has now been fired from his job after announcing where he works to the entire flight.

The incident, which happened Tuesday night on a flight scheduled from Philly to Dallas, included the man seen in the video going off on passengers and flight attendants.

Shockingly, and maybe sarcastically, the man exclaims he's racist because he's a white male with a black bag which he states is, "a better bag than most of y'all can afford." But, he wasn't done yet ... admitting he was a little intoxicated.

Then things take a turn, the man starts hurling homophobic slurs ... calling everyone on the flight "liberal f******."

However, just before exiting the plane -- the man let everyone know he was a chemical engineer with pharmaceutical and biotechnology company GlaxoSmithKline.

We reached out to GSK, who tell us, "We immediately conducted an investigation and as of Thursday, he is no longer employed at GSK. The person’s remarks were reprehensible and do not reflect our company culture."

GSK takes it a step further, saying, "At GSK, diversity, equity and inclusion is embraced and celebrated and we are committed in policy, principle and practice to maintaining an environment which prohibits discriminatory behavior and provides equal opportunity for all persons."

As for what caused the freakout, one person on social media claimed the now-former chemical engineer was bothering a woman sitting next to him. We don't yet know his name.

Might be time to update your LinkedIn profile, pal.

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