Ezra Miller Parents Say Actor's Taken Control of Their Daughter ... Ask Court for Protective Order

Ezra Miller is not only a bad influence, they're a danger to the well-being of an 18-year-old woman ... at least according to her parents, who are asking a court to step in and keep the actor away from her.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Tokata Iron Eyes met a then-23-year-old Miller in 2016 -- when she was just 12 -- and the actor was visiting the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. From there, Tokata's parents say she and Ezra developed a friendship they believe puts Tokata at risk.

Tokata's parents say Miller flew her to London in 2017 to visit the studio where "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" was filmed, as she was a big fan and Miller was a star in the movie. At the time of the trip, they say Tokata was 14 and Ezra was 25.

As the friendship continued, Tokata's parents claim Ezra supplied their underage daughter with alcohol, marijuana and LSD.

Not only that, they claim Ezra -- best known as The Flash in the DC superhero films -- disrupted Tokata's schooling at a private institute in Massachusetts so much, she dropped out in December 2021.

The parents say they flew to Miller's Vermont home in January to get their daughter ... and discovered she didn't have her driver's license, car keys, bank card and other items needed to navigate life independently.

They say they also found bruises on Tokata's body which they allege Ezra caused.

Shortly after she got home, Tokata's parents say she fled to NYC to reunite with Ezra -- and from there, the pair's been traveling together to Vermont, Hawaii and Los Angeles. The two were spotted at a club in Hawaii in video obtained by TMZ.

As we've reported ... Miller got arrested several times during their stay in Hawaii, including an incident where they allegedly attacked bar patrons.

In the docs, Tokata's parents state, "Ezra uses violence, intimidation, threat of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions, and drugs to hold sway over a young adolescent Tokata." They claim Ezra's also told Tokata to solely go by Gibson ... a nickname she formerly used with family and friends.

Then there's this ... they say Ezra's decided Tokata is non-binary transgender, when she had previously declared herself "non-binary, queer, gay."

It seems Tokata is aware of her parents' concerns -- she recently took to social media to say she's mentally stable, and her "comrade" Ezra has been a help in her life. She also says she's recently gotten a therapist and is looking forward to the future.

Tokata's parents are asking the court to step in and issue an order of protection against Ezra on behalf of their daughter, and a hearing is set for next month.

We reached out to Ezra's team ... so far, no word back.

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