Owen Wilson Painful Pic of His Jacked Up Tesla ... No Tires or Wheels, Oh My!!!

Step into Owen Wilson's shoes for just a moment, and imagine how it feels to walk out of your home to this scene -- your luxurious Tesla, freshly stripped by thieves! 😬

We got this shot of Owen's Tesla gently placed on blocks, after the crooks made off with all 4 tires and rims -- leaving him with no way to even drive his car to get it repaired. And, to make matters worse, it all happened while his car was parked right outside his Santa Monica house.

Luckily, the car didn't appear to have any other damages, but we're told he's gonna have to cough up an estimated $4k for the missing wheels. We're sure his insurance broker appreciates the paperwork.

TMZ broke the story ... Owen had parked his car on the street a few weeks ago, and when he went outside ... boom! Instant bummer.

Cops have opened a grand theft investigation, but so far no word on suspects.

Law enforcement sources tell us cops are scouring security cameras in the neighborhood for clues.

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