Wendy Williams Heads to Miami After Declaring She's Ready to Work

Wendy Williams is back in South Florida, hopping on a commercial flight in the NYC area hours after insisting she'll be ready to do her show again ... once she deals with some "private things."

We got these pics of the beloved talk show host in Newark Airport, where she was catching a flight to Miami. Witnesses tell us Wendy was traveling with her son, Kevin Hunter Jr.

As you know, Wendy's been battling multiple health issues for several months. We're told she was holding Kevin Jr.'s arm at times last Thursday night, and it appeared he was guiding her as they made their way to their flight.

One good sign, though ... Wendy wasn't using a wheelchair, which is major progress over the last few times she'd been out in public. She had been at a wellness center in Miami last year, so it's possible that's where she was heading.

Once arriving in Miami around 12:30 AM, Wendy was overheard talking to a fan who'd asked about her making a return to TV ... and she said she's in the process of getting her show back, and working things out with her money.

That jibes with what she'd said last week on 'GMA' -- that she'll be ready, willing and able to do her show again once she takes care of some personal matters.

As for the money, Wendy claimed Wells Fargo denied her access to her accounts and filed documents saying she has "several million dollars" that have been frozen due to alleged financial exploitation.

As we've reported, "The Wendy Williams Show" found a permanent replacement in actress and comedian Sherri Shepherd at the beginning of February.

By the end of the month, show producers announced the end of Wendy's show and the launch of Sherri's. We talked to Sherri the day before the cancelation when she still referred to herself as a "temp" host.

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