Hustler Club New York

'90 Day Fiancé's Stephanie Matto Gives Out Fart Jars at NYC Strip Club!!!

Here's Stephanie Matto hosting a giveaway you just don't see every day ... she's doling out jars full of her farts to dozens of folks at a strip club.

The "90 Day Fiancé" star was back on her gravy train Saturday night at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club in New York City, where she gifted fart jars to the first 20 folks to walk in the door.

Stephanie paired her fart jars with never-before-seen risqué polaroid photos and rose petals ... and she even took the stage to grab the mic and say a few words.

Sorry, no pole dancing ... Stephanie makes her living by farting in jars.

Remember ... Stephanie started the hustle last year and she told us in December she had already banked $100,000 by bottling up her natural gas and selling it online.

We're told Stephanie pocketed over $10,000 for her strip club appearance ... and she was also pushing her latest venture, a fart jar NFT venture.

Can't knock Stephanie's hustle ... but you can certainly smell it.

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