Simone Biles On Future Kids W/ Owens ... 'He Wants A Football Team' Of Them!!!

There might be a whole bunch of mini Simone Biles's tumbling around soon ... 'cause she just revealed her fiancé, NFL player Jonathan Owens, wants "a football team" of kids in the future!!

The Olympic gold medalist had a Q&A with fans on Monday night just days after she got engaged to the Houston Texans safety ... and questions about future kids popped up several times.

One fan eventually asked how many kids the couple is planning on having -- and the 24-year-old gymnast said she wants two ... but Owens wants a whole lot more.

"So, I want two kids," she said. "He always says he wants a football team."

@simonebiles / Instagram

For those who aren't familiar, there are 53 players on an NFL roster -- and 11 starters when on the field!

But, Biles said afterward, "he usually says three. We'll see."

Biles also dropped some more info about the couple's future ... saying the two -- who got engaged on Valentine's Day -- will have their wedding on a beach, and that they're in the process of building a house.

"Wedding planning has been going well so far, it's so exciting for me," Biles said. "I'm obsessed."

"Also I'll definitely hire a planner because between this & building a house, our hands are full."

For that many kids, they're certainly gonna need the room!

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