Lil Wayne Gun Case Security Guard Changes Course ... Actually, I Do Wanna Press Charges!!!

Lil Wayne's security guard has apparently had a change of heart, now wanting to file charges against the rapper for allegedly pulling a gun on him after previously deciding against it ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Weezy's guard is now pushing for prosecution against his former boss. Remember, he said the opposite when the alleged incident went down -- that he didn't want Wayne prosecuted -- even though he was the one who called cops.

Unclear what charges he's gunning for, but we do know this ... the guard claims LW hit him in the head and face, so presumably an assault charge of some kind -- if not more.

There's a big problem -- our sources say the case doesn't appear strong on its face and will probably go nowhere. Cops haven't even tried speaking with Wayne so far ... a sign it's not destined for prosecution.

We broke the story ... the guard alleges he and Wayne got into an argument at the rapper's Hidden Hills home after being accused of snapping/leaking pics. He says the argument got violent and Wayne brandished an AR-15. The guard says he skedaddled and called 5-0. Our sources say cops had issues with the guard's story from the get-go.

Our law enforcement sources say it looks like the man is ramping up for a civil suit.

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