Wyclef Jean to Car Co. CEO Ready Or Not, Here I Come Gonna Droooop You!!!

Wyclef Jean was inadvertently strumming one man's pain with his fingers -- or rather, with his shoulders ... and that guy, crazy enough, was the head honcho of a major auto company.

The Fugees rapper was on hand Monday night for the Range Rover Leadership Summit -- a one-day event where bigwigs from Jaguar Land Rover North America gave speeches, touted their success and made product announcements ... and, naturally, partied their faces off afterward.

That's where this video kicks in ... you see Wyclef -- who'd been hired as entertainment for the festivities -- raging with none other than CEO and President Joe Eberhardt.

They were part of a big group that had moseyed over to the Edition Hotel in WeHo, where Jaguar Land Rover hosted its after-party -- this following the main action at the Academy of Motion Pictures earlier in the evening. Safe to say ... Wyclef and co. got a little carried away.

Check out this wild scene ... you see WJ spinning Eberhardt on his freakin' shoulders, and the guy's digging it -- that is, until they both go tumbling to the ground ... head-first.

It wasn't too hard a fall, or didn't seem to be anyway -- but it's clear JE was left a little rattled by the drop, and we're told he had to leave early and was slightly hurt. Wyclef, meanwhile, looked embarrassed by the whole thing.

All's well that ends well (we think) -- the shindig carried on without further incident. No more shoulder rides, though ... probably for the best.

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