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Rachel Dolezal 'Transracial' Influencer Made a Choice ... Respect It & Stop Quibbling

Rachel Dolezal has no problem with Oli London's decision to identify as Korean after having surgeries to look Asian, but her bigger point is live and let live ... something that didn't happen to her.

We talked to Rachel about what Oli calls "coming out as transracial" ... asking her on "TMZ Live" how it landed for her when Oli said they felt trapped in a white man's body.

Check out her response -- it's a very interesting take from someone who's been through the wringer for making a very similar claim. Remember, Rachel is a white woman who infamously identifies as Black.

The long and short of her answer here is ... doesn't society have bigger fish to fry than someone -- whether it be her or Oli -- claiming to be transracial? Specifically, she says our time would be better served stamping out institutional racism.

Rachel also makes a distinction between cultural appropriation, and just being true to oneself. For her, the difference lies in one's intentions. You can see our full interview with Rachel on Thursday's "TMZ Live" (check local listings).

While she doesn't feel she's owed an apology, Rachel says she just wants to be treated with kindness and compassion, instead of being mocked and ridiculed for the choice she's made ... and, clearly, continues to make 6 years after her story blew up.

Interestingly enough ... Oli, who now goes by Jimin -- after the BTS singer they attempted to emulate through surgery -- has a bit of a different take on the Dolezal comparison.

Watch how they responded when we asked if they saw some of Rachel's struggle in their own journey.

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