Addison Rae Gives Props to Black Creators for Fallon Bit ... Let's Collab!!!

Addison Rae says she loves and respects all the TikTok dance creators who made up the moves she taught Jimmy Fallon ... and she hopes they can work together following the controversy she and Jimmy have sparked.

We got the TikTok star out in L.A. Monday ... in the midst of her catching flak for her 'Tonight Show' segment Friday ... which has been criticized for stealing from Black entertainers without giving due credit.

ICYMI ... Addison performed 8 popular TikTok dances to teach Jimmy how it's done, but people -- notably The View's Sunny Hostin -- took issue with the fact it appeared the moves were hers, when they were not.

Addison tells us this was definitely not her intention, and that proper attribution was given on the YouTube video ... just not during the show.

That's beside the point though, and Addison does give props to the original creators and says she didn't even do them justice. She adds she'd love to collab with them going forward ... and already has plans in the works to do just that.

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