Gorilla Glue Hairdo I Finally Cut My Ponytail Off ... But My Scalp Still Burns!!!

Tessica Brown, the woman who put Gorilla Glue in her hair, is one step closer to relief ... she managed to chop off her ponytail, but she's still got painful days ahead.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Tessica worked on her rock hard hair for 4 hours Tuesday night after work, and she needed a helping hand and some super glue remover to cut off her ponytail for a little bit of relief.

We're told Tessica and her friend used "Goof Off" superglue remover to try and rid her hair of Gorilla Glue, and as you can see they made some progress.


The process looks pretty painful ... Tessica's friend was able to get her ponytail gooey enough to cut it off in tiny chunks using a pair of household scissors.

But, we're told the hair on Tessica's scalp kept hardening and she's still planning to fly to Los Angeles to meet with the Beverly Hills doctor who says he can remove the rest of the adhesive spray product that started this whole saga.


Tessica joined us on "TMZ Live" Tuesday with a message for her haters ... she says she only put her saga on social media as a cry for help, and vehemently denies she's doing this for clout.

She added that all she wants is her hair fixed, because all previous attempts made her scalp burn intensely.

Tessica looks and sounds like she's been through a lot ... and told us why this nightmare will stick with her for the rest of her life. No bad pun intended.

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