Rajon Rondo Accuser Punched In Face By NBA Star's Girlfriend ... Video Shows

Rajon Rondo appeared to nudge a woman into a car and then stand by as his girlfriend punched her in the face ... new video obtained by TMZ Sports shows.

Rondo, his GF and another woman were involved in an altercation at an apartment complex in Los Angeles back on July 28 ... and according to a lawsuit filed last week, it all stemmed from a dispute over a parking space.

In court documents, Toktam Jorshari says she parked next to Rondo's $300k Rolls-Royce SUV, which she claims was parked in a handicapped parking spot.

In the suit, Jorshari says the NBA star was pissed over how close she parked to his driver's side door ... and claims the Atlanta Hawks player and his GF cussed her out and then attacked her for it.

In video of the alleged incident, which does NOT contain audio, you can see the whole scene unfold.

Jorshari entered the parking structure and had an animated conversation with Rondo and his GF.

At one point, Rondo's GF got on her phone ... and that's when Jorshari got close to her and seemed to shout something.

Rondo then appeared to put his elbow into the woman's body and nudge her into the front of her car.

Rondo's GF then lunged at Jorshari, but Rondo briefly held her back. Suddenly, though, Rondo appeared to let her go ... and that's when the fists started flying.

Video shows Rondo's GF threw several punches at the woman, who never appeared to fight back.

In Jorshari's lawsuit, she claims she suffered injuries ... and is suing both Rondo and his GF for assault and battery, infliction of emotional distress, and conspiracy. She's seeking unspecified damages in excess of $1 MILLION.

In a statement released this week, Jorshari's attorneys -- Eddie Tehrani & Arnold Gross from State Law Firm -- say the video proves their client was the victim in the case.

"In the NBA, unnecessary and excessive contact is considered a Flagrant 2 foul, which can result in a fine, ejection and possible suspension of a player," the attorneys said. "Outside the NBA such conduct is considered an assault and battery. No man should ever put their hands on a woman, ESPECIALLY an NBA basketball player with superior height, and strength. The video speaks for itself."

The attorneys continued, "The defendants have no desire to resolve this matter and we will be looking forward to trying this case and obtaining a favorable verdict by a jury of her peers."

We reached out to Rondo's attorney, Mark D. Baute, over the video on Tuesday ... and received these statements:

"Mr. Rondo tried to separate them and keep them away from each other, he did not push anyone."

"I saw the videotape in July, during the first Covid surge. Rajon Rondo had a broken thumb in a cast at the time, and his vehicle was correctly parked in a handicapped spot while he was picking up his girlfriend."

"The plaintiff chose to park her car two inches from Mr. Rondo’s door, and the plaintiff was not in an assigned parking spot. The plaintiff refused to wear a mask during a short 30 second encounter, and also refused to move her car."

Baute continued, "The plaintiff and Mr. Rondo’s girlfriend had an unpleasant encounter that lasted roughly 10 seconds, and Mr. Rondo tried to prevent them from any further interaction, which was awkward due to (a) his thumb being broken, and (b) the plaintiff not wearing a mask."

"The plaintiff then left on her own, hired a lawyer, filed a lawsuit, and we have chosen to offer nothing, pay nothing and to defend the case on the merits, and win. The focus in July was on winning another championship with the Lakers. The focus now is on playing the best possible basketball for the Atlanta Hawks."

Rondo is set to make his debut with the Hawks against the Bulls on Dec. 23. It's unclear if the NBA is investigating the incident.

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