Donald Trump's Sister He's a Liar and a Cheat ... Secretly Recorded Audio

Donald Trump's sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, scorched her brother in hours of conversations which she did not know were being recorded, essentially saying he has lied and cheated his way through life.

Maryanne had various conversations with Trump's niece, Mary Trump ... never knowing Mary was pulling a Linda Tripp and recording everything, and boy did she unload.

She said as a kid her brother was a brat, and she believes he had a guy named Joe Shapiro take his SAT test, something Shapiro's widow denies. For her part, she says she did his homework.

Maryanne, who retired as a federal judge last year, was beside herself with Trump's tweets, saying, "His goddamned tweeting and lying, oh my God."  She also said, "He has no principles. None. None."

BTW ... the conversations were recorded in New York, where one party can legally record the other party without saying so. Mary Trump said she recorded Maryanne in the middle of a fight over a family inheritance, where Mary felt she was getting screwed.

There are hours of tapes. The most entertaining ... Maryanne says Trump once asked her if she watched Fox News and she responded she didn't watch much TV. He couldn't believe it and asked what on earth did she do ... she responded that she read books, something that just didn't compute.

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