Trump Supporters vs. BLM Protesters Massive Brawl Erupts

The anger and violence that has gripped America was full throttle Friday, when Trump supporters got into a huge fight with Black Lives Matters protesters.

The massive brawl went down in the San Fernando Valley, where Trump supporters were holding signs that read, "All Lives Matter" as they screamed, "America, America!"

It started out verbal, but quickly turned physical, as various people got pummeled on the ground.

The protest was organized by Latinos for Trump. They say they are supporting churches that were blocked by the government from having indoor services. There were around 60 Trump protesters, but they were clearly outnumbered by the BLM supporters.

The fight went down outside an In-n-Out drive-thru ... 4 people were injured.

There were no arrests. The LAPD called the fight "mutual combat" and no one present wanted to press charges.

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