Taylor Swift Ditches a Private Jet!!! Has a Backup, Don't Worry

Taylor Swift's not going full Elon Musk -- as in, selling off all of her possessions -- but she IS a little lighter in the private jet department.

TMZ's learned the famous singer's sold one of her 2 jets -- a Dassault Falcon 50 she originally bought back in 2012 -- reducing her personal air force by half.

It's unclear how much she paid for the aircraft back then, but similar jets are priced anywhere from $1 to 6 million. Since Swift bought it, it's been registered to a company called SATA, LLC in Nashville ... which is believed to stand for family members' names -- father Scott, mother Andrea, Taylor and brother Austin.

According to FAA records ... the Falcon 50 was switched over to BoneDoc Aviation, LLC on March 16, which means she transferred ownership just as most of the nation went under stay-at-home orders. Pretty good timing.

It's unclear what BoneDoc paid for its new plane ... but it flexed by sharing a photo of it on its Facebook page a couple weeks ago.

As we said ... the sale still leaves Taylor with one private jet at her disposal -- the Falcon 900. Not to flex back at BoneDoc, but the 900 is a bit bigger than the 50. She reportedly paid $40 mil for it in 2011.

It's the private jet featuring her lucky #13 at the front -- so it's no wonder she decided to keep that one.

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