Browns Lineman Greg Robinson Busted For 157 Lbs. Of Weed Facing Up To 20 Yrs In Prison

2/20 9:24 AM PT -- 2/20 The Montreal Alouettes -- Quan Bray's CFL team -- released a statement saying they're aware of his arrest.

"We are in the process of gathering as much information as possible as we take this matter very seriously," the statement says. "We plan to make a definitive decision as soon as possible."

"The organization will issue no further comment."

4:45 PM PT -- TMZ Sports has learned that Greg Robinson was busted with 156.9 pounds of marijuana, according to law enforcement docs.

Robinson -- who was also with 26-year-old ex-NFL player Quan Bray -- was stopped around 7:15 PM on Monday evening after a Border Patrol drug-sniffing dog alerted to the rear cargo door of their 2020 Chevy Tahoe.

According to the docs, Robinson and Bray were NOT reentering the country from Mexico -- rather they were trying to get from Los Angeles to Louisiana and hit the checkpoint on the way.

The agents performed a follow-up search and located several vacuum-sealed black bags full of a green leafy substance.

Border Patrol tested the substance and it came back positive for marijuana.

BP says they also found 23 mason jars, a can sealing machine, an electronic scale, and $3,100 in cash in Bray's jeans.

There was a third person in the SUV -- who was not charged. During the stop, Robinson and Bray allegedly tried to get that person to take the fall for the weed.

BP says while in custody, agents observed a text notification on Robinson's cell phone from a contact listed as "Grow House Indoor."

Robinson and Bray are facing up to 20 years in prison, if convicted.

Robinson and Bray were teammates at Auburn. Bray -- a wide receiver -- played a few seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, but never really caught on in the NFL. He was most recently playing with the CFL's Montreal Alouettes.

Cleveland Browns lineman Greg Robinson -- the #2 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft -- is in custody after officials say he was found with A LOT of marijuana at a border patrol checkpoint.

We're told Robinson was stopped on Monday at the Sierra Blanca border checkpoint near the U.S., Mexico border. We're still working on the details surrounding the arrest.

Jail records show Robinson is still in custody and we're told he's facing a federal charge of possession with intent to distribute.

27-year-old Robinson was an absolute stud back in his college days -- making 1st Team All-SEC during his 2013 season at Auburn.

The NFL scouts drooled over Robinson -- he's 6'5", 332 pounds -- and when the Rams took him with the #2 pick in 2014, they signed him to a fully guaranteed 4-year $21 million contract.

The bad news for the Rams ... he didn't live up to the hype so they traded him to the Detroit Lions for a 6th round pick in 2017. The Browns signed Robinson in 2018 and re-signed him in 2019.

Sources tell us the Browns recently informed Robinson they would not be bringing him back for the 2020 season.

Robinson has reportedly made more than $29 million in contract money during his NFL career.

We reached out to Robinson's rep and the Cleveland Browns -- so far, no comment from either.

Originally published -- 2/19 7:32 AM PT

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