French Montana Still in ICU ... Days After Medical Emergency

French Montana is having serious health problems ... he's been laid up in ICU for several days, and it appears doctors are still struggling to resolve the issues.

French posted this video early Monday morning which he shot from his hospital bed. There is a dry erase board in the room, with the words "manage pain."

TMZ broke the story ... the "Unforgettable" rapper was rushed to the hospital last week after experiencing intense stomach pain and nausea ... along with an elevated heart rate.

Apparently, when cops arrived at French's home they felt he was intoxicated, at least according to the 911 call. French's people say he was NOT intoxicated.

French has been traveling a lot over the last couple of weeks. He has taken trips to the Middle East and Europe. Some of his people think he may have been exposed to contaminated food, but that seems unlikely given the number of days the symptoms have gone unresolved.

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