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Aubrey O'Day AA Flight Attendant Made Me Undress!!! Witnesses Say Not Exactly

Aubrey O'Day says she was shocked and disturbed when an American Airlines employee made her turn her shirt inside out in front of the entire plane, but as with most social media rants ... there's another side to it.

The Danity Kane singer took to Twitter Thursday night to put a male AA flight attendant on blast, claiming he treated her "like a punished lil child in timeout the entire flight" after making her undress in front of everyone because he "didn't like my shirt."

She also named the guy and called for the airline to fire him.

Witnesses on the flight tell TMZ ... there's more context to her story. We're told O'Day was boarding the plane while wearing a black shirt with bold white letters across the front, spelling out the word "F**k" ... uncensored.

Our sources say when the flight attendant asked her to change it, she complained and said she was going to post about it on social media.

We're told Aubrey claimed she didn't have another shirt, so she was then asked to turn hers inside out ... but NOT in front of everyone. She could have gone to the restroom, but we're told she decided to slip her shirt off on the spot, exposing her bra.

AA tells us it has reached out to O'Day asking for more info so it can look into the incident, but according to her Twitter ... Aubrey has no interest in dealing with the airline any further.

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