Fake Tom Cruise Dupes Massive Crowd at Comic-Con ... OMG, It's Tom Cruise!!!

Tom Cruise made a splash at Comic-Con ... is what all these people thought when they saw a guy who was a dead-ringer for the 'Top Gun' star. And, boy, ya can't blame 'em.

This guy was dressed as TC at the comic book convention Sunday in San Diego, where he was decked in classic Maverick garb ... and riding shotgun in hot red Ferrari. With his Aviators on, this impostor was the spitting image of the actor -- and tons of folks bought it.

We got Fake Tom posted up in the whip as a bunch of guys and gals tried talking to him through the passenger window. Check it out ... they truly believe it's ol' Tommy boy.

Our camera guy -- who spots the difference -- tries to get a answer out of FTC about the 'Top Gun' sequel (that he isn't involved in). He just grins at us though ... clearly having a good-ass time pulling a fast one on just about everyone around.

Ya gotta see some of the ladies' reactions here too, BTW -- it's classic freak-out fanfare ... and almost like Tom himself had just walked off a fighter jet fresh from a shoot.

Oh, and take a cue from this poor sap of a boyfriend who didn't properly record his GF talking to Fake Tom ... ALWAYS be up in a fake celeb's grill at ALL times, especially when your girl's hounding them.

That's good coupling 101, guys.

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