Amber Rose Take It From My Man ... Sex During Pregnancy is Fire!!!


Amber Rose´╗┐'s pregnancy is not slowing down her love life, according to the baby's daddy who tells us intercourse is kinda different now ... but it's still hot!!!

We got Amber and her BF, Alexander "AE" Edwards, out on a lunch date in L.A. and our guy just had to ask the burning question all parents-to-be get. No, not the baby's sex, and not potential names. The other one.

Are ya still "getting it in" while pregnant?!?

Amber is not the kiss and tell type, not now anyway, but AE has no shame in his game ... and told us what's going down in their bedroom.

We also got the cute couple's thoughts on Beyonce's epic side-eye at the NBA Finals, and Amber gave us an update on her annual SlutWalk.

But, let's face it, you're probably ´╗┐here for the sex. So, check out the clip -- ya might learn something about the joys of childbirth ... or what leads up to it, anyway.


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