Snoop Dogg on Gov't Shutdown Y'all Some Dumb MF'ers If You Vote for Trump After This

Snoop Dogg's got thoughts on the government shutdown and a message for furloughed workers who might still be team Trump after this ... Trump doesn't care about ya.

Snoop posted a hilarious video this weekend in which he directly comments on the shutdown that's now in its 16th day with no end in sight. He says everyone who works for the government that aren't being paid right now must reconsider their POTUS pick in 2020.

He goes on to say that any federal worker who still votes Trump in a couple years are some "stupid motherf***ers." He says furloughed employees are being treated unfairly, and the fact that DT can't (or won't) come to a resolution can only mean one thing ... "this punk motherf***er don't care."

The MC urges potential Trump voters to seriously reconsider and even makes an appeal to blue-collar workers whom he says are still suffering.

Snoop ends with one last F-U to Trump ... at least he's consistent on that front.

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