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Coachella 2019 Gucci Mane's Typo Not A Mistake After All

12:17 PM PT -- So, maybe it wasn't such a flub after all ... a rep for Coachella just got back to us and says "Gucci Gang" is, in fact, correct ... and now the photo of Gucci Mane has been replaced with one to include Lil Pump and Smokepurpp. Looks like something new for festival goers.

Gucci Mane, meet Gucci Gang -- the name he'll apparently be performing under at Coachella this year ... according to Coachella promoters, anyway.

There's a major typo on Coachella's website right now, which calls the Atlanta rapper "Gang" instead of "Mane." The error, which was published in the lineup announcement Wednesday night and hasn't been fixed yet, threw a lot of music fans for a loop -- namely, having them wonder ... who the hell is Gucci Gang???

At first, people thought it might be a new rap group featuring Lil Pump -- ya know, 'cause of his song "Gucci Gang" -- but when GM's image was attached to the name in a more detailed breakdown of the lineup, it became clear someone just screwed up.

Unless, of course, there's something like an undeclared name change going on ... but we seriously doubt it.

We reached out to Coachella and Gucci ... neither's gotten back to us yet.

Originally Published -- 7:15 AM PST

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